EAS (Electronic article surveillance) systems

Sensormatic Ultra Lane в Гипермаркете REAL
Acousto-magnetic systemsAcousto-magnetic (AM) systems have the highest activation ratio – over 95% – they are notable for their high jamming resistance. ManufacturerSensormatic
Radio frequency (RF) systems Radio frequency (RF) systems are generally used in supermarkets and shops with expensive goods, where a theft of even one object is a substantial loss. The operational range of these systems is very sensitive to noise and jamming. The system activation ratio is about 90%. ManufacturerGateway Security
Electromagnetic (EM) systemsElectromagnetic (EM) systems, due to low-cost expendable materials, are designed primarily for protection of products at trading enterprises with large turnover; in large trading spaces, expendables for anti-theft systems represent the main item of loss, even when the percent of the tagged products is optimal. ManufacturerGateway Security

Safeguard of products on open displays in Russia, from Europe

Система защиты товаров на стеллажах XTRIMThe XTRIM system is designed for anti-theft protection. It is for products placed on open display (laptops, computer equipment, mobile and radio phones, photo and video cameras, small appliances, and electronic devices, electric tools, etc.)

Protection of the products is ensured by attaching (sticking, clipping, clasping) a sensor connected, in turn, with the security system block for the product. Any break in the circuit – disconnection of the sensor from the product or attempt to cut the wires or short circuit the device– while the system is in safeguard mode activates the alarm system. Each unit of the system is equipped with batteries that keep the system operating during power outages.

The products by XTRIM ensure protection of a wider range of goods than the equipment of other companies. Various sensors ensure effective safeguarding of products made of two or more elements, such as mobile phones, photo and video cameras, etc. XTRIM equipment is notable for the simplicity of its installation and its customization.